Permanent Recruitment

Our extensive experience in the challenging UK construction market combined with our knowledge of the NZ construction environment has provided us with an invaluable sense of reality about how hard it is to recruit in this space. There is no doubt that globally the most significant issue affecting project delivery is maintaining a skilled workforce at every level of the process. We understand that the dilution of standards and culture within your organisation is not an option and our professional, informed and if required creative approach to the process is singularly designed to ensure both candidates and clients have confidence in our actions.

If you only need a key word search of a candidate’s CV to determine suitability then there is no point paying a recruiter a fee for that. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive assessment of a candidates skills, experience, qualifications and most importantly, attitude. Then we would be very keen to assist and establish a long term relationship that is beneficial to all parties.

It is critical that we establish a solid relationship with our clients, however it is equally important that the candidates we engage with have confidence in our motives and judgement when talking to them about a role. 

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